For the past five years I have had the luxury of a unique and free space surrounded by rolling countryside. The Game Larder is an octagonal Victorian building on the edge of woodland and by the side of an orchard, where I’m growing quince and experimenting with cultivating oyster mushrooms.

Using recycled plywood I make boards with rabbit skin glue size and gesso, often using pencil on them and washes of oil paint. A love of birdlife which began early in my life has continued and sketches, paintings, installations and photographic series are often around birds.

I am also a very active associate member of a socially engaged arts organisation called Encounters Arts (see link), with whom I work on several projects each year. These projects are usually mutli-partnered, participant led and involve a huge range of creative interventions from walks to Parkour to creating crafted objects. Currently I’m working with Situations based in Bristol on a new project for Torbay with Ruth Ben-Tovim from Encounters Arts.

The most recent series of paintings are based on Birdlife’s increasingly extensive ‘Critically Endangered Possibly Extinct’ list. All three-dimensional works are made using local beeswax, branches, lichen and feathers collected from roadkill or from her local vets with whom she has a happy relationship.

Collages and prints are available online for sale and are available for sale at regular open studio events. If you’d like to go on my mailing list or discuss a commission please:

get in touch.

I am very happy to accommodate visits but please contact me first.