Lighten up Dinner with Kitchen Table Centerpiece Ideas

Kitchen was the place where we cook in the old times, however today its meanings have shifted. The kitchen table is no longer a place where we cut the cooking ingredients; rather it is the place where all the family members and close friends are. The kitchen has become the gathering space that is more comfy than the living room because there is a certain feeling of closeness that can only be in the kitchens. Lighten up the kitchen atmosphere and give it a little taste of comfort with cozy chairs as well as table centerpieces. The first thing that comes to mind when we think of centerpieces would be flowers but in fact, there are so many other kitchen table centerpiece ideas.

Have you ever experienced having friends over and they come on last minute notice? If you do, then you know just how difficult it is to arrange and prepare for their arrival in such a short notice. There are simple but beautiful kitchen table centerpiece ideas to help you decorate the kitchen in less than 15 minutes. These table centerpieces do not involve the intricate floral arrangements. They need to be simple as they are in the kitchen and the kitchen is where we do our cooking activity. We do not want any huge and extravagant centerpieces to fall apart because we accidently touch it when we are trying to reach for a plate.

Kitchen table centerpiece ideas number one would be the vase and the apple. Get yourself a vase that have a large base and top and fill it with water. Wash the apples until they are cleanly spotless before you put in the apples inside the vase. The floating apple in the vase will make a great centerpiece.

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Other fruity kitchen table centerpieces ideas would be to arrange the fruits on the fruit display platter. Use different fruits such as green apples, orange oranges, purple grapes, red strawberries and also yellow bananas. When they are arranged nicely, they will make a great centerpiece.

After the fruits, it is time to move to veggies for the kitchen table centerpiece ideas. Use a fruit display but this time arrange the different colors of vegetables including some of the flower look alike. They will make great centerpieces. Then take two clear glasses, put the tea light candle inside them. Wrap them with vegetable leaves and then put each glass on the side of the centerpiece.

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