[Reposted from the Flete Newsletter]

It’s that time of year again when artists all over Devon invite people into their studios for the Devon Open Studios event.  I am taking part again this year and will be opening the Game Larder over the two middle weekends of September (for more information see below).  It’s really like a pub crawl, only with creative stuff and tea instead; but it functions in many great ways, least of which is to have new places to visit and journey’s to take through the increasingly autumnal landscape.


As usual my work revolves around birds, but this year I am moving towards painting a wider group of birds – those species threatened around the world with extinction.  In fact, there is a bizarrely moving list of bird names on Birdlife’s website which is called ‘Critically Rare, Possibly Extinct’ and this is the list I’ve been working with during the past few months. Some of their names sound mythical, like the ‘Turquoise Throated Puffleg’ or the ‘Guadaloupe Storm Petrel’.

I hope to see some of you at the open studio, where there’ll be tea and coffee and if needed a roaring fire…although there’s always hope for an Indian Summer.

There is also an article about the studio and my work in the October issue of Period Living which is out now.

Find out more about Devon Open Studios